FOR TODAY … 21 August 2008

Outside My Window… Grass, mostly shaded by our office building, and a flower bed denuded while transitioning to the incoming late summer floral scheme.  We have nice landscapers, I must say.

I am thinking… why can’t the sprinklers be aimed better?  The water spots on my window are driving me crazy LOL!

I am thankful for… my job, my kitties and my faith (not in that order of course)

From the kitchen…just finished up the last of the Tex Mex meat I’ve been reincarnating this week.  Ground beef (from naturally grazed cattle on a friend’s farm) with lots of seasoning and some chorizo sausage mixed in.  (I’m hoping the high quality beef will neutralize the low quality Mexican sausage LOL!)  Last night’s edition was a flavorful taco salad with organic leaf lettuce and spicy picante sauce

I am wearing… dark tan khakis, raspberry cotton pullover, black tank top and black sandals; black & silver necklace

I am creating… a calendar sampler quilt that is all handpieced; been working on it over the Olympics

I am going… to have brunch with my parents tomorrow.

I am reading…One Body, One Life by Gregory Joujon-Roche; great approach to health and fitness

I am hoping… that I can maintain the resurrected Danish I acquired on my vacation and not lose at again

I am hearing… sirens.  The office is close to the police station and a garage housing a fleet of EMTs.

Around the house… Time to clean out the pansy bed and put in mums, if I find them at a good price.  Also need to dust and vacuum and wash the linens.

One of my favorite things…nuzzling my Princess Anabelle kitty when she’s sleepy and purry.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… reorganizing my workroom so I can get my cutting table back.  Oh, and have in-law duty on Saturday.

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