FOR TODAY … 25 August 2008

Outside My Window… Grass, trees… and traffic.

I am thinking… this day is going really fast!

I am thankful for… the beautiful weather and my good night’s sleep.

From the kitchen… vegetable soup tonight, served with homemade whole wheat bread and sliced Havarti cheese.  We have plans, so it’s a quick dinner.

I am wearing…sage green sweater, khakis, sandals

I am creating… my photo albums into which 700 pictures will be organized (real album and online as well)

I am going… to our Bible study group tonight.

I am reading…One Body, One Life by Gregory Joujon-Roche; great approach to health and fitness

I am hoping… that my hubby has a safe motorcycle trip this week.

I am hearing…the incessant pen-clicking of my neighbor in the next office.  It could be worse; he used to crack his gum.

Around the house…Not a blessed thing to do; I caught it all up on Saturday.  *polishing halo*

One of my favorite things… a fragrant, hot bath

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…looking forward to visiting the annual Peach Festival in Romeo, MI on Friday.

My Picture Thought … (from southeastern Denmark)


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