FOR TODAY … 22 September 2008

Outside My Window… Trees barely beginning to change color; bright yellow marigolds across the street.

I am thinking…actually, not so much.  More coffee will be required for thought.

I am thankful for… the gorgeous weekend weather we had and our day at the beach.

From the kitchen… leftover chili.  I really must get to the store!

I am wearing… dark chocolate velvet shirt, cream top underneath, dark khakis, brown & silver mules.

I am creating…not a lot these past few days.

I am going… to get caught up at work if it kills me.

I am reading… Mary Jane’s Farm magazine; this is great!  I may just have to subscribe.  😉

I am hoping… I can stay awake today.  Why did I stay up so late for Masterpiece Theatre??

I am hearing… the hum of the lights and that is it; it’s VERY quiet here today.

Around the house… just a load of laundry do to.  I shampooed the kitchen carpet over the weekend, again cursing the previous homeowner for such poor judgment.  Who carpets a kitchen??

One of my favorite things… the scent combo of the soy tarts I am melting at the moment, “Gardenia Blossoms” blended with “Ginger Lime”.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… spending Friday with one of my dearest friends who moved out of state two years ago.  Three of us girls are just going to shop and play all day!  Also, I hope to get to Michigan’s Wool Festival this weekend, if even just to pet the alpacas and Angora bunnies.

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