FOR TODAY … 6 October 2008

Outside My Window… Last week, I mentioned the black squirrel.  This little guy is for sure going to give me a heart attack!  My window looks out onto a busy, five-lane road near an intersection.  We are set a bit back, so there is lots of grass and some trees in my view.  Across the road are  many more trees, clustered together and growing up around another office complex.  For two weeks, I have watched this small black squirrel dig up nuts and such from the ground by my window, dash across the street with *whatever* clenched in his jaws, and dash back again.  He seems to read the traffic pretty well and has decent instincts, but every crossing I see causes me another gray hair.  When he errs in judgement, cars have been good about slowing for him, but I know that at some point someone is going to speed towards that light while it’s still green, and pay him no mind.  I do hope he is done relocating his winter stores soon!  After how hard he has worked, it would break my heart if he didn’t get to enjoy the rewards of his labor.

I am thinking… I really need to stop watching the squirrel and get some work done; we are blessed with an auditor from the State of Michigan visiting us this week.

I am thankful for… the continued safety of my little squirrel.  😉  What shall I name him?

From the kitchen…no squirrel!  Probably Italian… something…

I am wearing… a dark grey knit tunic with embroidery and sequins, brownish/gold pants, brown pumps with a buckle.  I love buckles.  ;p

I am creating…not much.  A bad headache over the weekend sapped most of my creative energy, and cleaning the house before having guests used up the rest of my time.  😦

I am going… to stoke my creative energy back up!  I need to visit some favorite websites for inspiration and motivation.

I am reading… the Emily of New Moon trilogy by L. M. Montgomery.

I am hoping… my hubby passes his big test for Spanish class this week.  We have spent SO much time working and preparing.

I am hearing… traffic outside.

Around the house… all dusted and vacuumed; I just need to clean a few surfaces in the master bathroom.

One of my favorite things… hearing Beethoven, or something with lots of cymbals, in the morning on my way to work as I did today; it’s energizing LOL!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… not much until this auditor leaves!  Yikes, audits make my files very messy, and messy files make me itch.

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