FOR TODAY … 13 October 2008  (it’s almost not Monday anymore LOL!)  I was at the dental surgeon’s this morning to have a root implant inserted into my jawbone.  Yes it did hurt LOL!  They have me a general anesthetic, so I’m still a little wobbly.

Outside My Window… the setting sun, giving an extra glow to these gorgeous fall colors on the birch trees next store.

I am thinking… of my grandfather.  In the last week, he has deteriorated rapidly and is increasingly unresponsive.  He will be in hospice care shortly.  He mostly sleeps now, in a near coma.  The life of a man who once had the world by the tail and was the epitomy of success, humor, faith and generosity is slipping away.

I am thankful for… the wonderful memories of Grandpa and that soon he will not be struggling.  For myself and a distant second, I am grateful for good painkillers for my poor jaw.

From the kitchen… cottage cheese, cream of potato soup, and vanilla ice cream.  😉

I am wearing…a black tank and cardigan over black loungy pants.

I am creating… I am almost done with my 10th 12″ block for my calender sampler quilt.  Yes, MsTickle ;), pictures will follow.

I am going… to sit out on the porch and enjoy the last warmth of this gorgeous day.

I am reading… “The Gentle Art of Domesticity”.  The author writes the Yarnstorm blog referenced in my blog roll, and is just a delight.  I greatly prefer her brand of domesticity to Martha Stewart’s.

I am hoping… that my family has peace during these difficult times.

I am hearing… hubby rummaging in the refrigerator because he doesn’t like my menu (small wonder!), and I’m too wobbly to cook with gas.

Around the house… all tidied so that I can enjoy my convalescence.

One of my favorite things… autumn in Michigan.  Some years of autumn colors are better than others, and this year appears to be one of the best.  Bonfires, apple cider… mmmm.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…undetermined.  I’m not sure I’ll be up for work tomorrow.  I also need to sketch out some travel arrangements, as I fear a funeral will happen before long.

My Picture Thought … a photo from Key Largo, FL where my grandfather spent his retirement and some of the happiest years of his life.  90% of all my memories of my grandparents are from this beautiful island: