FOR TODAY … 17 November 2008

Outside My Window… Snow on the ground.  Yes, snow!  I am most offended at this happening five weeks before the official start of winter.  Hmph!

I am thinking… I wish my spaceheater would stop turning off.  Safety is fine, but I’m still chilly!

I am thankful for… my hubby who helped take care of me this weekend.  I’ve had a yucky cold.

From the kitchen… grilled portabellos and a large salad for dinner tonight.

I am wearing… Sage green sheer blouse over a black tank top, dark slacks, black shoes

I am creating… more jewelry this weekend.  Pictures to follow…

I am going… to get some more goodies listed on eBay today.

I am reading… The Mother Tongue [English and How It Got That Way]  An in-depth and unexpectedly entertaining look at the history of language in general and English in particular.  The author’s lively sense of humor perks up what could otherwise be pretty dry material.

I am hoping… that I finish with this cold bug soon; I have so much to do!

I am hearing… the hum of the office lights; it’s deathly quiet here at the moment.

Around the house…really need to reorganize my clothes with seasonal considerations in mind.  I’m halfway in between both in the attic and my closet, because I never rotated my wardrobe properly last year.

One of my favorite things… telling my daddy jokes and hearing him laugh.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… getting better, prepping hubby for a Spanish test this week.

My Picture Thought … I dream often of my little Shadow girl even though she’s been gone almost five months now.  Some dreams are disturbing and I’m relieved to wake up, but other times, like this morning, they are so nice and cuddly that I wake up with tears when they end.  So I wanted to see her sweet face today.  😉


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