FOR TODAY … 17 March, 2009  (Kiss me, I’m Irish LOL!)

Outside My Window… blue skies, almost green grass (as opposed to brown) and rapidly warming temps – yay!!!!

I am thinking… that while I know today’s sun and warmth do not mean we won’t get a last blast of winter, I’m grateful for it anyway LOL!

I am thankful for… hubby’s safe return home after 2.5 weeks in Florida.

From the kitchen… the split pea and ham soup I made while hubby was gone; I froze a bunch for him as requested.  😉

I am wearing… denim shirt with leopard-print trim and beadwork, black slacks.

I am creating… not a lot; extremely busy at home and the office!

I am going… to Whole Foods tonight for some groceries and supplements.

I am reading… back issues of “Mary Jane’s Farm” magazine.

I am hoping… that our bank auditor finally leaves this week.  Any longer will qualify as permanent residence.  ;P

I am hearing… traffic and the hum of fluorescent lightbulbs.

Around the house… catching up on laundry, especially from hubby’s trip.

One of my favorite things… the first 70-degree day of spring.  You know, like today LOL!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… all business, personal and work.  I went to renew my driver’s license last week and found out I could not; a “new” law says that the name on my DL and my social security ID must match, and they do not.  It’s never been a problem that I didn’t change my name 15 years ago after marrying until now.  I even got my passport two years ago with no problem!  So, I can travel internationally but cannot drive legally in my own state *rolling eyes*.  I’m trying to gather all my documents and hassle with the SSA now, before I can go back to the State with my driver’s license stuff.

My Picture Thought … a Florida sunset fighting for space with an incoming storm, from the beach where my in-laws’ condo is.  Hubby was just there, helping put it back together after extensive renovations.  I love this place; can you see why?  🙂



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