FOR TODAY … 28 April, 2009

Outside My Window… rain drying up, still air for the first time since Saturday’s storms.

I am thinking… that I am hungry.

I am thankful for… the terrific trip we just enjoyed, belated-anniversary weekend.

From the kitchen… possibly grilling out, since the weather is clearing.

I am wearing… sage green pullover, brown pants, brown Born clogs.

I am creating… been working on my quilt in its quilting frame, and also a little Thimbleberries stuff.

I am going… to bed early tonight!

I am reading… The Art of Classic Quiltmaking by Harriet Hargrave and Sharyn Craig.  I picked this up at a museum gift shop on our trip and just love it!

I am hoping… that Saffi, the one-eyed wonder runt, heals her little tail quickly.  It was caught last night in our heavy oak, swinging kitchen door, and though not broken, is swollen and clearly sore.  😦

I am hearing… traffic and my own keystrokes.

Around the house…  have to measure the bathroom and laundry area to calculate how much tile we’ll need.

One of my favorite things… the scent of blooming hyacinths after a spring rain.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… I can’t think that far ahead at the moment.  😮

My Picture Thought …  Driving Saturday from the west side of Michigan about three hours (normally) east homeward, we were escorted by severe thunderstorms nearly the entire way.  Upon arriving home, our power had just returned but our Internet was out for two days, and we lost a number of shingles off the roof.  We were quite fortunate.  East of us, but in the same township, the carnage was definitely worse.  The first picture is right by my husband’s office, and there were ten more broken poles looking exactly like it, sheared off about 20 feet up.  The other two pictures are directly south by a few miles.  Winds gusted to 75mph.  A funnel cloud was sighted in the area, but no touchdown.  Why the warning sirens were not sounded under these conditions has been strongly debated.  😉




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