FOR TODAY … 5 Mayo, 2009  (Cinco de Mayo, si?)

Outside My Window… clouds moving in, balmy air.

I am thinking… that I am happy I’m home.  What a day!

I am thankful for… sunshine and warm air.

From the kitchen… leftovers, methinks.

I am wearing… sage green pullover, black slacks, newly beaded earrings

I am creating… been working on my quilt in its quilting frame, and also a little Thimbleberries stuff.  Made a pair of earrings last night, as well.

I am going… to stay up late enough to see at least one period of the Red Wings play-off game tonight.

I am reading… The Village Diary.

I am hoping… that Grandma gets over her respiratory flu quickly!

I am hearing… hubby talking to me (really, I’m listening!)

Around the house… yikes, I should dust!

One of my favorite things… green things budding outside.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… some kayaking, weather-permitting.

My Picture Thought … judging from those tight little buds on my white lilac bushes, I should have an arrangement like this any day now – just without, you know, the palm fronds outside my window.  😉  (Purple lilacs sleep later, but they should all eventually be out at the same time.)

"Lilac Window" by Fabrice de Villeneuve