FOR TODAY … 1 June, 2009

Outside My Window… clouds, and grass growing so fast, I can almost see it!  ;p

I am thinking… that I am tired of feeling sick to my stomach.  No, not pregnant… see below.

I am thankful for… little Saffi who just hopped up onto my shoulder to purr and play with my ponytail.

From the kitchen… not much due to stomach issues.  See below LOL!

I am wearing… pink hoodie, black leggings… pyjama-wear since I’m home for the evening.

I am creating… haven’t done a whole lot.  I’m reading about quilting; does that count??

I am going… to bed early tonight.

I am reading… Heidi’s Children, last night.  Just such a nice place to visit.  😉

I am hoping… that there is nothing seriously wrong with my innards, and that they feel better soon.

I am hearing… my washer running.

Around the house… laundry, laundry, laundry

One of my favorite things… historic inns like where we just stayed (that will be a later blog post)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… endoscopy on Thursday.  Late Tuesday night of last week, I started being sick to my stomach.  It came and went all day, and while the tummy settled, I had this deep pain in the middle of my back through to my food pipe – felt like I had a big old vitamin C stuck in there.  I kept getting worse and wound up in emergency through Thursday morning.  They seemed to think gall bladder cuz of the back and shoulder blade pain, but the gastro I met with today is thinking stomach… ulcer, bacterial issues… something like that.  So, down goes the camera and we’ll see what’s what.  The pain is much better, but I’m still uncomfortable and nauseous.  (I also had to leave town for a few days for a company event, and between the two situations, have obviously neglected my blog!)

My Picture Thought … FINALLY used my gift certificate at my quilt shop.  I’d intended to stock up on 30’s reproduction fabrics, but was snared instead by the display of Moda’s Charisma collection.  (I should just buy stock in Moda.)  So I came home with these four: