FOR TODAY … 8 July, 2009

Outside My Window… blue skies, cool air, lawn crew.

I am thinking… that I have too much to do today!

I am thankful for… today being my last workday this week.

From the kitchen… boiled artichokes last night and ate leaf by leaf, hubby’s first time with.  Served with a Caesar salad, baguette, Havarti cheese and a Michigan Rose’ wine.  Yeah… it was good!

I am wearing… a dark red blouse with velvet trim, black slacks, black sandals.

I am creating… finished my last practice crochet piece… another potholder LOL!

I am going… to slow things down a bit.  We’ve had so much going on!

I am reading… latest issue of Victoria magazine.

I am hoping… that my feet which sunburned so badly two weeks ago will finally heal up; I want to tan the rest of me LOL!

I am hearing… lawnmowers outside.

Around the house… the new entry door should arrive within the week; housework is caught up.  😀

One of my favorite things… when  a new recipe works out and makes me look good LOL!  I have one to post…

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… me me me.  It’s all me time.  😀

My Picture Thought … my new toy, a Singer 301!  I can’t wait for hubby to replace the cord; all the rest looks to be in terrific condition.  The brackets in front were actually from a detachable cradle that I’m glad came with it, since I just picked up a sewing desk also for this machine for $9.95.  😀   This is the “big sister” to the Singer Featherweight.   The big attraction, other than that it works like a horse, is that the feed dogs drop.  I’ll be open to free-motion quilt with this!

Singer 301