FOR TODAY … 1 September, 2009 (*GULP!)  What happened to summer??

Outside My Window… beautiful blue skies and orange barrels since the fine City of Troy has apparently decided to work on EVERY SINGLE ROAD AT THE SAME TIME!  (sorry for the rant; it’s just such a hassle to get absolutely anywhere I need to go those days.  The long-term lane closures on I-75, the lifeline to where I live, is not helping my mood.  😮

I am thinking… that I am unreasonably tired for having slept decently.

I am thankful for… MY NEW CAR!  (sorry for the second outburst; at least this is a happy one.)

From the kitchen… hubby wants something light and I have some lovely focaccia bread.  Think I’ll toast that up and make a big antipasto salad.

I am wearing… floral blouse, brown slacks, sandals, long beaded necklace.

I am creating… doing final assembly on my 2008 Thimbleberries quilt top.

I am going… to take my Princess Anabelle into the vet shortly.  I hope my little girl is okay, but she has a nasty lump under her chin.  😦

I am reading…  finished my latest acquisition in the Fairacre series by Miss Read, Farther Afield.  The descriptions of Crete are just lovely…

I am hoping… that my daddy starts feeling better soon.

I am hearing… one-sided telephone conversations.

Around the house… tub could use a scrub.  ;-p

One of my favorite things… a hot cup of tea when I’m feeling a little stressed.  It seems to “center” me.  😉

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… working, getting caught up.

My Picture Thought … the new ride, acquired Saturday.  I’ve known forever exactly what I wanted; with my lease on my Rendezvous coming due, I’ve had plenty of time to think about it.  😉  It’s going back to the dealer tomorrow for a little facelift; it came from Ohio where they still have that silly license-plate-in-front-too thing.  The bracket needs to come off and the bumper will be made all pretty.  Other than that, she is perfect.  🙂