FOR TODAY … 9 September, 2009

Outside My Window… beautiful blue skies and green grass, fragrant.

I am thinking… that I have an awful lot to do today!

I am thankful for… my family, and this opportunity we will have to be together.

From the kitchen… we still have leftover chicken from the weekend.  Hubby smoked two whole chickens and we have a white barbecue sauce to go with.  So, pulled chicken sandwiches, I’m thinking.

I am wearing… still in pyjamas as I work around the house.

I am creating… well, uh… I washed some fabrics; does that count??

I am going… to be in Florida in about 25 hours.  We’re traveling for my grandfather’s graveside service, but will have an extra couple of days for a little R and R as well (in the Florida Keys that I love.)

I am reading… now that my newest issue of Mary Jane’s Farm has arrived, I’m trying really hard to finish the last one LOL!

I am hoping… that my daddy starts feeling better soon.  He was back to the hospital Monday.  😦

I am hearing… the washer and the TV and birds outside.

Around the house… we’ll have a good friend come stay with the kitties, so I have oodles to do to leave it nice for her.

One of my favorite things… when trip preparation is over and I’m sitting firmly in my seat (car or plane or train.)  If I’ve forgotten to do or pack something, there isn’t a darned thing I can do about it then.  It’s all looking forward LOL!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Grandpa’s service is Saturday.  We’ll probably shop a little Friday; I need a few warm weather clothes and it’s impossible to find them in Michigan in September!  Some driving and visiting my favorite spots, and hanging at the pool for the rest.  😉

My Picture Thought … we went for a walk deep into the forest of a local state park.  I love how the sun could just barely shine down through the leaves: