FOR TODAY … 19 October, 2009.

Outside My Window… inconsistent skies, increasing wind.  Typical autumn… 🙂

I am thinking… that if I don’t stop screwing around on the Internet, I’m not going to be able to leave work on time LOL!

I am thankful for… the current period of calm in my life.  I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m savoring it.  😉

From the kitchen… meatloaf, a newish recipe with diced Cajun sausage in it, and the last of my garden potatoes (served mashed)

I am wearing… beige cotton tunic, black slacks, black and silver beaded jewelry.

I am creating… I should be working on quilts but have been practicing on my redwork piece from a recent class.

I am going…  to bed early tonight.

I am reading… current issue of Mary Jane’s Farm.

I am hoping… that the pay-off of an abnormally cold summer will be a relatively mild winter? 

I am hearing… traffic.

Around the house… just a load of laundry.  Everything is sparkling for a change.

One of my favorite things… climbing into my car and enjoying that new car smell (while it lasts.) 

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… driving with my parents on Friday to visit my great aunt on the other side of the state.  She’s a neat lady and I haven’t seen her in forever!

My Picture Thought … Lake Michigan was in rather a bad mood when I visited a week ago.  But this is one of my favorite spots on the continent since I was a wee girl, taken from the pier in Charlevoix.  For once I didn’t walk the pier; the waves were crashing over it, and while I doubt I’d have been swept away, I’d certainly have wound up very cold and very wet LOL!  Some of my favorite sunsets, on nicer days, have come from this spot though.