FOR TODAY … 21 April 2010

Outside My Window… blue skies… brown, frost-bitten apple blossoms.  😦

I am thinking… hats off to the mother of two small children in the car next to mine this morning.  Both kids had open in their little hands big colorful books, and not a DVD in sight.  What a concept.  ;-P

I am thankful for… Spring.  Frosts and all… 😉

From the kitchen… nuttin’ honey (today.)  Having dinner at the mall with a girlfriend tonight.

I am wearing… gauzy reddish black blouse, black pants and boots

I am creating… started this yesterday (the quilt, not the cupcakes).  Unfortunately, Connecting Threads including the wrong fabric in this kit – one of the reasons I often avoid kits – so my progress is a bit slowed until replacements arrive:

I am going… to shop a bit tonight too.  🙂

I am reading… so much fun… Vintage Vavoom, from the folks at “Romantic Homes” magazine.   Great ways to incooperate the old and loved with the new and fresh, to create a fun, personal space.

I am hoping… that Grandma’s new symptoms are satisfactorily explained at the doctor’s today.  😦  And otherwise, that they can at least keep her comfortable.

I am hearing… clickety clack on keyboards, traffic.

Around the house… I just really don’t care this week.

One of my favorite things… looking forward to shopping.  😉

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… shooting for kayaking Friday after work; the weekend is iffy weather-wise.

My Picture Thought … just ran across this morning while looking at Florida pix.  My cousins in the Keys are owned by this little fellow, lovingly named “Popeyes”  (go figure.)