FOR TODAY … 5 May 2010

Outside My Window… increasingly darkening skies; storms are on the way. 

I am thinking… that I am SO taking a vacation day tomorrow.  Lousy weather this weekend, third or fourth weekend in a row.  I desperately need to get some gardening done.

I am thankful for… thunderstorms.

From the kitchen… not sure.   We have a meeting at 7, so I’ll probably pick something up on my way home.

I am wearing… gauzy, beige, hoody/tunic, black slacks

I am creating… finishing the binding on hubby’s quilt.

I am going… to have a massage Friday.  My neck and back muscles cannot wait!

I am reading… just finished re-reading the Emily of New Moon trilogy.  I really do like the writing better than L.M. Montgomery’s Anne series, though both are delightful.  Emily – the girl and the story – are a titch darker, but the rich descriptions of character and scenery are pure Montgomery.  I think the humor is sharper in this series as well.

I am hoping… that that oil slick will leave my Florida Keys alone, but I fear otherwise.

I am hearing… a bit of thunder.

Around the house… just caught up laundry.  Hubby says he’ll vacuum, and I know he will.  Someday.  ;-P

One of my favorite things… spring rains that make glowing green grass.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… gardening and quilting, mostly.  Oh, and the massage. ;-P

My Picture Thought … driving home Monday, this Monet popped so clearly and sharply into my head; the windswept skies overhead were identical to the ones in this painting: