FOR TODAY … 10 June, 2010

Outside My Window… sunny skies, trees waving in the breeze, birdsong (I am at home, sick.)

I am thinking… that this is a really lousy week weather-wise to be out of commission with a nasty cold.

I am thankful for… a nice employer who doesn’t make me come in when sick.

From the kitchen… hot tea.  Lots and lots of hot tea.  😀

I am wearing… pajamas and a shawl.

I am creating… knocked out some tarts a few days ago.  Will do more when the rest of my dyes arrive.

I am going… to have a hot bath shortly.

I am reading… my lovely Victoria magaine.

I am hoping… I can see Grandma soon.  This bug has put the kabosh on visiting.

I am hearing… a painter doing instruction on PBS’ Create Network.

Around the house… need to vacuum!

One of my favorite things… an early summer day in Michigan.  The sights and sounds and scents… It’s impossible to be unhappy on such a blissful day.  😉

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… gotta get those few last plants into the garden (lemon balm and oregano.)  I LOVE Lemon Balm.

My Picture Thought … one of the scents of the aforesaid early summer day… my favorite variety of pink tissuey peony: