FOR TODAY … 23 March, 2011 

Outside My Window…  pearly gray skies, cold air, half-melted snow… meh.  Yes, leaving this in from my last post several weeks ago.  It’s still true.

I am thinking… that I have too much work to do to be fooling around on the Internet.  😉

I am thankful for…, and my new literary goodies!

From the kitchen… making a ham and potato casserole tonight, recipe from the folks at Gooseberry Patch.  Should be cozy fare for a nasty day.

I am wearing… a smile.  (just kidding)

I am creating… working on my orange and white quilt.  Here are a few of the latest fabrics I acquired, and I am now well set for oranges.  Special thanks to Michelle  for helping me out too!  Those Lakehouse hydrangea fabrics are so pretty (though not pictured below)!

I am going… to leave work early today.  This headache is defeating me.  Thank goodness for acupuncture.

I am reading… Mary Jane’s Farm magazine… only one issue behind now.  ;p

I am hopingthat someday I will see the sun again.

I am hearing…  traffic.

Around the house… need to vacuum.  Six cats… we vacuum a lot.

One of my favorite things… shiny new books from Amazon  😀

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… meeting with H&R Block in the morning to finish tax stuff.

My Picture Thought … listen up kid. (the tabby looks a lot like my Macy)