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FOR TODAY … 23 June, 2011

Outside My Window…  dark grey skies, drizzle.  It’s been a very stormy week, but just rain today, I think.

I am thinking… that for an unusually crisis-riddled day, I’m actually in a decent mood.  What’s up with that?

I am thankful for… the week being about over.  And lovely friends.  Not in that order.

From the kitchen… have a meeting tonight, so will probably carry out some wonderful spinach pies from our local Greek diner.

I am wearing… black top, Old Navy tan knit cardigan hoodie , khaki pants, brown and silver sandals.

I am creating… working on my orange and white quilt, and just preparing to embark on the Farmers Wife Quilt.  I cannot wait.  More on that in another post.

I am going… to get some work done today and stop lollygagging around on the Internet.  After I blog, of course.  And check all the other blogs I like.  And the blogs those bloggers like.

I am reading… yes, a delectable collection of eye candy, but also of fun and usable ideas.  I really like Kaari Meng, having another book or two of hers as well.


I am hopingthat my daddy gets to feeling better after this current nasty infection, and has some veins left after all the IVs of antibiotics.

I am hearing…  co-workers conversing, the maintenance man cleaning up our mailroom after a fire extinguisher exploded in there overnight.

Around the house… weeding weeding weeding.

One of my favorite things… a cold beer after a long day.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… gardening, running to the nursery, hopefully getting a new cellphone, sewing.

My Picture Thought … I think a pale pink, tissue-papery, delicately scented, lacy peony is about the most feminine flower around.  My one plant put out a ton of blossoms this year.