FOR TODAY … 1 November, 2011

Outside My Window…brisk air, blue skies, waning sunlight

I am thinking… that this office is far too quiet.  Perhaps I should throw a party – get a DJ, clowns, ponies.  Hmm…

I am thankful for… lovely, long-term friends, thanks to whom I’ve never minded not having siblings.  🙂

From the kitchen… cooking up the last of the garden’s bounty, now that we’ve had a killing frost.

I am wearing… black top, tan jersey cardigan, blue jeans, black boots… and a gorgeous scarf from these folks.

I am creating… working on my orange and white quilt, and almost done with my fourth Farmers Wife Block.  Need to bead a necklace to wear this weekend.  Oh, finally got my backing fabric for the orange and white quilt (aka, The Sunshine State)… a fun and brave (for me) print:  Lark, from Amy Butler:



I am going… to go for a walk tonight, since the sun shines and the temperature is… acceptable.

I am reading… Mary Jane’s Farm (Nov 2011 issue), as well as her large “Idea” book.  Also finishing up “Pilgrim’s Progress”, the classic by John Bunyan.  It is referred to so much in “Little Women” that after 35 years of curiosity, I decided to check into it.

I am hopingthat I can afford snow tires within the next month.  If the early predictions for the winter are correct, I’m gonna need ’em!

I am hearing… my squeaky chair.  I had no idea I was so fidgety.

Around the house… need to dust.

One of my favorite things… writing in my journal with my favorite fountain pen.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… need to shop a little for a skirt, shoes, and possibly gloves if I don’t find mine soon!  Every autumn, I forget where I stored my last gloves the previous spring.

My Picture Thought … speaking of shopping, I am really digging my new coat.  I’ve never been big into animal prints, but this is gorgeous and comfy and flattering (and the print will hide the cat hair that would otherwise visibly collect all over this wool blend.)  $50, from the Old Navy outlet store at Birch Run, Michigan: