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Just thought I’d share the BEFORE pictures, since my last post showed my quilt top in its frame.

First of all, this is the Homestead frame from Hinterberg, no longer available.  Actually, it appears they have discontinued all but one of their handquilting frames, and not long after I ordered mine.  I’m glad I didn’t wait!  This monster is 94″ long, prompting hubby to sorely regret he didn’t spring for the shorter 59″ poles, as I suggested.  😉  Now, we can no longer get them.  This quilt is only 56″ wide LOL!

The frame is made of solid ash.  We decided to leave it nekkid, but protected with a good Danish furniture oil… no stain, but sealed several times.

Before the quilt sandwich goes in, one must attach muslin “aprons” of varying lengths as shown below; I just used the crafty Duck tape as they suggested.  The quilt back was pinned to the end of one apron; the quilt top and batting to another.  The aprons hang in opposing directions on the front and rear poles.

Then, roll and roll, keeping the various layers smooth and even.  The backing was secured and taut first, before I added the rest to the other roller.  I only had to tweak it once; it wasn’t difficult to keep things lined up as the mechanisms roll so evenly.  Let’s hear it for good craftsmanship LOL!

The best part of a frame like this, and the reason I really wanted it?  No basting!  I really loathe trying to baste the quilt sandwich together.  😀

Also, with this frame, should we need to put it up, like when company comes, the quilt can stay on the poles as it is; no fuss.  Just stand it all up in a corner somewhere, and move the base.