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Yay! Ridiculously cold or not, you know it’s Spring when baseball has arrived. I have loved the Detroit Tigers for many years, through the good times and the bad. In the past several seasons of course, there have been way more good times. 🙂

In 2006, the previously humiliated Tigers who had just suffered one of the worst seasons in major league history amazed us all by clinching the Pennant and making it to the World Series. Last year saw the shooting star of Curtis Granderson continue to delight us with his rare and growing talent, as well as the tremendous no-hitter pitched by Justin Verlander.

My boss and at least one colleague are at the game now. It is cold and damp, but I wish I could join them. At the moment, I am living vicariously through the radio play-by-play.

No Tigers entry (on my blog anyway LOL!) would be complete without a nod to my favorite Tiger, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez. His leadership in the clubhouse is quiet but sure, much like his expertise when crouched behind the plate. And, there’s that winning smile of course. In the middle of a serious and intense face, a smile will break out and just light up his expression. I know retirement is in the cards for him, but hopefully not too soon.