I began laying the groundwork last October. A full six months before our wedding anniversary, Christian was very clearly made aware of my expectations for a specific anniversary present. Lest he forget, these expectations were repeated often. 😉 (With his Adult ADD, many anniversaries have turned into disappointments, and he wasn’t wriggling off the hook this time LOL!)

Our anniversary is in two weeks, and this past week, I was given the green light to go ahead and order:


It’s already arrived (Hinterberg ships quickly!) and is simply waiting to be lacquered and assembled. The wood is naked, but being solid ash, looks good naked LOL! I just want it protected so it will hold up over the years. Oh, this is the Homestead model of frame. Here are the details:

Hinterberg Homestead Quilting Frame

Since I would a hundred times rather hand-quilt than machine-quilt, I expect us to have a long and happy relationship together. 🙂