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So I read about this bead shop in historic (and touristy) Frankenmuth, Michigan. It’s billed as one of the largest bead stores in the state, and is just under an hour away from my home. Seemed like it might be worth the trip. The weather Friday was sunny and cool… perfect for a road trip.

It took a bit of doing to find the shop, but when I finally located it and walked through the front door, my jaw about dropped and my breathing became shallow. This is some bead store!! The pictures in the link don’t do it justice, but at least you can see how very pretty it is.

Bead Haven website

With inspiration like that, how could I not go home and get to work?

I just love these handpainted ceramic blue floral beads:

The crystals in this bracelet are Swarovski’s lovely and unique Padparadscha color. I set them off with bronze glass and some iridescent clay beads

And finally, I made my first necklace. I’m a little proud of this one, and hope to be able to sell it. I purchased an alarming amount of beads in this color group; apparently I have beaches and swimming pools on the brain.