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Well this is something of a new experience in my brief quilting career to date, but a good one.  I knew about Thimbleberries’ line of fabrics, but more recently became aware of a yearly club quilt.  The project can have different variations, but what I’m signed up for at my local quilt shop is receipt of a kit every three months.  The kit contains the materials and instructions necessary for completing that quarter’s work; at the end of the year I will have a full-sized quilt top.

I got a late start; the shop didn’t call me as they indicated they would so I picked it up some weeks late.  Also and in between, I made a quilt for my grandma and had other interruptions.  So just now when I should have completed the second quarter’s worth of Thimbleberries stuff, I have finished only the first quarter LOL!  But it’s a fair start.

The tree blocks will not be joined thusly in the actual quilt; it was just a way to arrange them for the picture.  If you look in this link, you’ll see how these components will be used:

Quilt Link