So per Michelle’s (Sleepy Cat Hollow) blog, I decided to try this game. Her results were pretty amusing, I thought. 😉 However, when you share a name with a month, you get all sorts of calendar-related results and there wasn’t much to work with. So I decided to Google for my princessy kitty’s name instead. She’s a rather high-maintenance creature in her own right, so I identify with her. Besides, we both have long hair.

Anyway, apparently we have the following needs:

Anabelle needs… to have this transplant immediately. (Uh oh! I don’t think my HMO will like this.)

Anabelle needs… $1500 more. (Ain’t that the truth… )

Anabelle needs… some cheering up.

Anabelle needs… to pick up the pace a lil bit. (Sheesh, I just got back from vacation.)

Anabelle needs… an additional bucket to stand on in order to reach the top of the horse. (No, I need a smaller horse.)

Anabelle needs… lots of space. (Always.)

Anabelle needs… some TLC. (Always.)

Anabelle needs… comforting. (Um… )

Anabelle needs… a lot of rescuing. (Okay, I didn’t realize I was THIS high maintenance!)

Anabelle needs… to control. (I do not! And stop laughing. Now. I mean it.)

Anabelle needs… to learn where to tap correctly in order to do her flip jump right. (Practice, practice… )

Well I guess that’s more than enough. 😉