Last weekend, hubby and I drove almost three hours to one of our favorite beachs in Michigan.  It is on Lake Huron which, as the world’s fifth largest lake, tends to be rather chilly.  However, this beach is located in something of a bay, protected by a peninsula just south, and rolling with sandbars going out quite a ways.  The average depth with this topography is shallow enough to keep the water warm and just beautiful.

It has also become something of a mecca for kite boarders, as the pictures show.  There were no less than 12 parties strewn about the beach with these huge sails.  Unfortunately, not all “boarders” were equally adept, and their kites often came crashing down.  The sound (WHOMP!) is most impressive and a little worrisome.  When wading or swimming out, we had to keep an eye up towards the sky constantly to make sure we weren’t about to be decapitated.  (Seriously, I don’t think it would be fatal to have one land on you, but the descending force that I observed could certainly ruin your day.)

Immediate peril aside, they were really pretty, and those who were skilled at this activity were most impressive to watch… copping some serious air LOL!

On the way up, we stopped at a roadside stand known as Tony’s Tacos as we do whenever heading up to Tawas.  This is along US Route 23, right around Standish, and the eatery draws folks from far and wide.  Everything is made up fresh, including their own tortillas, and while lines often are slow to clear, it is worth the wait.  Corn gorditas stuffed with seasoned pork, soft flour tacos with the best ground beef (and no MSG LOL!), and Mexican sodas in glass bottles make for a great repast at one of the picnic tables scattered about.  Their homemade guacamole alone is about worth the drive.  😉  I’ve posted a link with some reviews, and am appalled at the reviewer who observes it is a little more expensive than Taco Bell ROFL!  As if they’re comparable..  ;-P


All in all, it was a very nice day.