Some weeks back, I had just put together an outfit for a particular occasion.  The night before the event, I abruptly realized I had nothing to accessorize it with.  What’s a budding beader to do??

Here is the choker necklace set I made.  No, my neck is not that small LOL!  The earrings are rather long which worked with my hair and the outfit.  More of my favorite Swarovski padparadsha crystals in this one, and while I couldn’t get the dark beads to show properly, they are a burgundy/russet glass:

Shortly after I put my Shadow cat to sleep, my friend Peggy made me a memorial bracelet of sorts.  She incorporated beads that corresponded to Shadow’s softly black fur and bright green eyes.  She then kindly sent me a few extra of her materials so that I could make matching earrings.  Here is the set: