I just realized I never shared anything about my Singer Featherweight sewing machine here.  “Violet” came into my house a year or two ago, an absolute steal off of eBay.  I had been researching machines and stalking eBay for about six months when finally the right opportunity crossed my path.  This lovely gentleman, whose wife was an avid quilter, had retired from practicing law and begun purchasing Featherweights at garage sales and such, restoring them, and putting them up for auction.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t listed anything for a long time and doesn’t appear active on eBay anymore.   I was in the right place at the right time though, and found my girl, complete with original attachments (including bobbin case) and even the original sturdy case (!)… and with all her gilt detail in pristine condition.  Upon researching her serial number, I have determined that she was born between March 1949 and October 1950 in Kilbowie, Scotland.  I do fear the gentleman undersold himself, but I couldn’t resist.

So, this is Violet: