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Since Michigan’s DNR has apparently decided to let our favorite Lake Huron beach go to rack and ruin, we have been scouting for alternatives.  Two that we explored this past weekend do have possibilities.  If you think of Michigan’s shape as a hand (and believe me, Michiganians do!),  these destinations are near the tip of the tip of the Thumb.

The first pix are from the Albert Sleeper State Park, which was my favorite of the two.  It is wider, and has lots of forest sheltering the picnic and grilling areas.

…and from the other park, Port Crescent (aptly named), about 9 miles to the east.  It has a longer, narrower beach, but boasts a river.  I managed to find the quicksand along the river, actually.  No lie.  I don’t want to do it again; it was most disconcerting, and that was with only one leg going in!

Time to go home…