Well I was tagged by a fellow blogger who shall remain nameless (though if you think Drowsy Feline Empty Space and look in my blog roll, you could probably guess) to create this list.  I am also supposed to tag six other bloggers, but I don’t personally know six others LOL!  Anyway, here goes…

Six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about myself:

  • At mealtimes, I cannot mix my sweet stuff with salty stuff.  Example:  NO sausage or bacon with pancakes.  That would be wrong.  Sausage with eggs and/or potatoes is grand.  Sausage rolling around in *shudder* maple syrup?  No can do.
  • Style-wise, I’m a closet Bohemian.  My favorite looks involve peasant blouses, long and flowy skirts, beaded sandals, hoop earrings, etc.  And lots of silver.
  • Back to food (surprise), when eating portions of different foods, it doesn’t matter how much of any one item I started with, or how extensive the menu.  By halfway through, all items will be in perfectly equal portions.  Woe to the person (hubby) who helps himself to a large biteful of one food, thus throwing off the balance of my plate. I think this goes back to childhood and trying to make all my M & M colors end up in equal quantities. ;p
  • I cannot stand anything close to my neck, except jewelry of course.  I haven’t worn a turtleneck in years.  The mere thought makes me feel like I’m choking LOL!
  • I like to color in coloring books.
  • I can’t get into a project at work or home unless my environment is completely clutter-free and sparkly.  It’s a sickness.