FOR TODAY … 13 January 2009 

Outside My Window… darkness; at 7:30am, it’s still black as night.

I am thinking… that I am tired of winter (another lovely commute today.)

I am thankful for… plows and salt trucks LOL!

From the kitchen… herbed-up cheeseburgers.

I am wearing… dark purple wrap shirt, black slacks, beaded choker.

I am creating… starting the final quarter of Thimbleberries’ Club Quilt for 2008; a little late, but I want to finish the quilt top before moving on to 2009.

I am going… nowhere in particular.  Maybe the Detroit Institute of Arts this Friday, since weather/illness/home improvements have kept my trip with my mother-in-law grounded.

I am reading… finishing up “The Gentle Art of Domesticity”.

I am hoping… that I hear about my 2009 salary today.  Usually, my boss and I would’ve had that “talk” by now, and I still haven’t heard if I’m getting a raise.

I am hearing… traffic on slushy roads and the hum of our HVAC system.

Around the house… I have now settled on the new color of paint for the World’s Ugliest Bathroom; just need to get to Home Depot.

One of my favorite things… the lavender vanilla candle I have burning at the moment.  Very soothing…

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… staying warm!  We have sub-zero tempertures on the way.

My Picture Thought … I have loved dolphins for a long time, and often collected dolphin-themed items.  The print below by Paul Brent is one of my favorites.  I have it on a coffee mug, and several notepads.  😉  (I actually like a LOT of Paul Brent’s work, and try to collect some when I’m in Florida, where it’s readily found.)


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