So my pampered darlings have a thick, flannel-y place upon which to warm their little bones, I’ve made the following.  The flannel is very thick, as is the batting.  When I added the trim on the second one, I handquilted through velvet trim, two layers of fabric and heavy batting.  My hand has finally stopped cramping LOL!   They are both about 20 inches square.

The first was Shadow’s quilt, and used by her almost non-stop in the last year of her life.  I haven’t bequeathed it yet to another cat; it’s draped in my workroom for now.  😉

The second is for Anabelle, just finished over the weekend.  So far, it meets with her approval.  She loves rubbing her paws against the velvet trim.

Saffi has her own, that she was adopted with, so just Macy and Pansy need one each now.  🙂



Yes, I do like the Shoo Fly block; why do you ask LOL?