I recently ran across a poem I’d written in my late teens that just tickled me for its extremism.  Strong emotion has always provoked poetry with me, and apparently I was having an emotional year LOL!  That part of the journal is rather prolific.

I would guess my issue had to do with a guy I had a crush on, who lived out of state.  We spoke often on the phone and had an active correspondence for a while, but apparently it wasn’t active enough that week to suit me.  Sheesh… talk about teenaged angst and dramatics!  It would seem I poured every depressing metaphor I could think of into this!  And what is up with “grey” instead of “gray”?  It was intentional, but I’m not British!  Anyway, enjoy… it’s gotta make someone feel better about their own life LOL!

“Black, Blue, Grey: Mood or Life” – [the title somewhat sets the mood, no? ]

Blue-grey shadows in my mind,

Pictures my heart’s eye sees.

Thunderclouds that never move,

Dried-out dead grass and wilted daisies.

Phones and doorbells that never ring,

A mass of silence everywhere;

Fuzzy webs within these walls.

Dull oppressiveness in the air,

A bright sun which never shines.

Rays of life behind a shroud;

Death prevails over all land

Where the silence is almost loud.

Pain in all corners of existence,

Grey weight burdens all breathing

And rules all existing life,

Suppresses it from seething.


Is this your world, once in a life

Or can you free yourself

From overwhelming strife?


Don’t believe

What you hear

That there’s light

In this atmosphere.


I’m remembering my mind saw something like this (Picasso, of course):