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While out and about Saturday and tuned into our XM Radio in the car, we heard this little gem on a comedy channel.  There was (per usual) no identification or introduction provided, so while I spent the rest of the weekend humming it, I had no idea of the source.

A bunch of digging around on iTunes this morning, and I finally found it.  What delighted me more than actually owning the song now is finding out who the voices were!  I had a lot of guesses, but Peter Sellers, much less with Sophia Loren, was NOT on my radar.  I did some more research and learned that it was written with the idea of including it on the soundtrack of of the 1960 movie “The Millionairess” starring the above two actors.  While it did not ultimately make it onto the soundtrack, it was successfully released as a single, ranking  in the Top Ten of the UK’s music charts.

I’m hoping this link will work for everyone.