Well, not exactly a yacht LOL!  However, it does float with me in it, and I can bring a smidgen of baggage.  Hubby and I decided a while back that we wanted to get into kayaking, both as a fun form of exercise but especially as a cheap way to get out on all these Michigan waterways!  He was able to get an amazing deal on a used kayak from a neighbor; and after much research, talking, and visiting sporting goods stores, we finally decided on one for me.  She came home on Saturday.  (Note the green grass, blue sky and sunshine.  You’ll see why in the next paragraph.)  I cannot wait for our maiden voyage!!


Alas, the maiden voyage will have to wait.  Barely 24 hours after the above photo was taken, and after a delightful afternoon spent exploring some rivers and woods on foot north of here, winter found one last salvo to fire at us.  It was funny in a way, because even as we basked in the sunshine Saturday, we knew the storm was headed towards us; thinking of that greening and budding landscape about to be covered in snow was surreal.  Nonetheless, this pix are from yesterday morning:



Some of the snow is still with us, and the roads were dangerously icy this morning; it’s still flurrying and very windy (we lost power yesterday.)  But sunshine and 50s should prevail tomorrow and Thursday, so it won’t be around for long.  😉