I was going through some photos from my trip to Scandinavia last year and wanted to share a pretty quilt I’d found.  It was in a room at this castle on the Danish island of Fyn (Funen), called Egeskov Castle:


The applique was really lovely, even close up.  But what I noted about the quilt is that, based on the date, this would’ve been made several years into Denmark’s occupation by the Nazis.  Rationing was in place and extremely stringent, so folks were not buying new fabrics for sewing much; yet the fabrics in this quilt didn’t appear to me to have been previously used.   My point?  Keep your fabric stash at a healthy level so you can always make fresh quilts during difficult times LOL!  

The inscription indicates that the quilt was sewn for “Nonni” by her mother.  It was really a sweet little piece and I was glad to have seen it.  I wish my camera hadn’t muted the colors so much, but you get the idea…