I’ve mentioned in passing about my little deaf kitty, who after months in a shelter, came home with me last month on her first birthday.  🙂  I have named her Leyla, which in Arabic means “born at night.”

She is not only deaf, she is also slightly demented LOL!  Part of it may be youth, part of it maybe her own unique personality with the factors that have made her life so far… but she is a certifiable maniac.  Mercifully, she is also extremely affectionate and I haven’t seen an ounce of bad temper, even when provoked by the other kitties.  I love her dearly already.

"No more baths for me; I'm taking showers now!"

"Black goes with everything... even plaid."

"This sure beats a blanket in a cage!"

"Can you hear me? I'm purr-ring..."

"Yup, I think I'll like it here!"