This was maybe my fourth visit to this annual event, but my first in at least ten years.  Not much has changed… the people-watching remains unsurpassed (though I was too shy to snap the more outrageously-dressed visitors), shopping is fun and unique, and in general it remains a good way spend a late summer day.


Entrance... complete with corporate sponsors, which rather spoils first impressions.






Introducing Ded Bob!


My longstanding favorite act, and a staple at Renaissance Festivals across the country.


Google Ded Bob. And visit his site with a thick skin (especially as he has none.) He is the insult master.


"Look into my eyessssssockets! You have been Bobmotized. You are now a Bobzombie."


Every year, I am tempted. I like this store as they use all cotton and natural fibers.


Finally the sun came out...


...but it made me warm. Thankfully, the Shire has an ice cream stand.


Wish I could've given ice cream to the poor patient ponies...


Manolete the... Slightly Cheesy. Sort of fun, but we didn't stick around. Sorry, Manny.


Jousting grounds


Handsome hubby...


... and what he bought me. Got lots of comments on this contraption. Kinda fun.


Entrance to the kids' activities area. Reminds me of the old TV show "The Friendly Giant."


Thought this parasol display a vendor set up was TOO cool.


Another colorful display... love the festival sights and sounds.