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FOR TODAY … 7 February, 2012 (Egads – first Daybook post of 2012!  Less blogging usually means I have the blues, but hopefully they are passing.  🙂  In any event, I apologize for the tumbleweeds blowing through my blog of late!)

Outside My Window… grey skies, still dark (at 9 a.m.!)

I Am Thinking… that I have too much to do in the next three days before my trip.

I Am Thankful For… my upcoming visit to Florida to see my parents, for the first time since they have moved away!

From the Kitchen… picked up some easy, healthy heat-up stuff from Trader Joe’s and will serve with my frozen garden veggies.  I hear their chicken pot pie is to die for.

I Am Wearing… black top and black knit cardigan, cream colored slacks, and my new black lace-up boots. 🙂

I Am Creating… one side left to go on the binding of my Sunshine State quilt.  Some ongoing painful swelling in my thumb joint has put a crimp in my handsewing.  I have started using a prescription anti-inflammatory salve about 15 minutes before I go to stitch, and that is helping!  Oh, also need to cut out pieces from my next Farmers Wife block, so I can take that handsewing to Florida with me!

I Am Going… to run errands, and start making to-do lists for the next few days.

I Am Learning… working on patience.  Have been a wee bit crabby of late.

I Am Reading… “Silmarillion” by J.R.R.  Tolkein, a sort of forerunner to “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings.”  In fact, it was published after these two, but the framework for their backstory is contained here and compiled from decades of Tolkein’s notes.  It is… slow going.  Rather Biblical in narrative, characters come and go, so no real protagonist throughout, and therefore I am exercising some discipline to stick with it. 😉  Nonetheless, I continue to be impressed with Tolkein’s imagination, and especially his creativity with fictional languages. 

I Am Hopingthat my mom has a safe trip back from Denmark (and that I get to go next time LOL!)

I Am Hearing… voices of co-workers, traffic outside.

Around the House… really need to dust, but it’s not likely to happen this week.  I’ll have to settle for a general tidiness.  So far, so good.

One of My Favorite Things… several beautiful lead crystal figures of dolphins in my office windowsill.  When the sun comes in just right in the afternoon, they all glow like fire and make me happy.  My favorite is very similar to this one (which I also own, and is in hubby’s office.)


A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… lists, errands, packing.

Something That Made Me Laugh this Week…  the vendor this week who responded to questions about something they had neglected to do, and said he “apologized for the incontinence.”  People, this is why you don’t trust too much to auto-correct!

My Picture Thought … of all the gardens and fountains at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark, this is my favorite.  At night, the columns and bottom of the pool are all lit and the effect is just magical: