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This has actually been done for a few weeks, but initial photos were quite unsatisfactory.  My next husband will have to be taller and with a wider wingspan, so that my quilt doesn’t flop around at camera time LOL!  (Sorry, honey!)  I arranged another setting and came up with these.

Background/inspiration about this quilt explained HERE with original idea to do an orange and white quilt garnered from Alison at Cluck Cluck Sew.




Any quilter who has cats knows how very difficult it can be to photograph one's work without a cat straying into the frame. But I love my little Leyla and hadn't the heart to shoo her away. She wouldn't have listened to me anyway, being deaf and all. 😉


I just loved this border fabric from eQuilter - like gentle tropical waves...


...but I REALLY fell hard for this Amy Butler print, called "Lark". What a happy fabric! 🙂