Apologies to my e-mail buddies who have already seen this, but I thought maybe blog visitors might get a kick out of it. 😉

I’ve been sewing at times in my office… just working out of my portable handpiecing kit. However, at some point, I realized I wanted more options; and I knew I had the room and flexible co-workers for it to not be an issue. Only two of the ten men I work with have seen me carrying a machine into the building, but no one here as seen my full sewing station in operation. They are usually at lunch. However, the gentleman in the next office (who never goes out) must be wondering about the noises coming through the wall…

BEFORE (pictures of my unremarkable and seemingly professional office; note quilting wall calendar):

DURING (pictures of my machine set up, my tools drawer, and my cutting and pressing station – all arranged in less than 20 seconds LOL)

AFTER (such a convenient spot between my desk and the wall under my window)