Well, after grousing for several weeks about how our area of Michigan has seen nothing for storms and very little for rain, we finally got some attention.  😉

The storm whipped through around 5:00pm yesterday.  We knew it was on the way, but it still surprised us.  It went from cloudy and breezy to black and gusty as fast as a light switch, and then the rain came.  They called it a “wall of water” on the news, and that’s about right.  Just ask Christian… he had to walk against the wall LOL! to rescue our smoker which was just finishing up some salmon.  Twenty minutes after that, the tornado sirens went off.  Trying to gather five cats already spooked by the storm and siren and get them into the basement… it looked like a sitcom.  We mostly stayed down there until almost 6 when all warnings were canceled and things had clearly settled down.  There was an eerie calm during that time that had us a little concerned but everything fizzled out.

We emerged to check the property and saw one of our largest trees lost a third of itself (the pictures show what I mean.)  Thankfully it fell straight to the east and missed our garage; the house in the photo is our neighbor’s.  The weatherman said something about a “straight wind” of 70-80 mph, which explains the damage.

So, no electricity for an unknown period of time, and the utility’s 800 number has gone down.  It appears several hundred thousand folks are without juice.  I’m enjoying being at work where the A/C works just fine.  (It’ll be 90 today.)  😉