…in spite of my confounded camera.  I think this thing is losing its mind.  I am not an expert photographer, nor is this a high-end device, but I suspect a nervous breakdown on the part of my Nikon Coolpix when it dims every shot (no matter the lighting OR settings) and blurs, re-focuses, blurs, re-focuses all while I aim at the same subject without moving a muscle.

Or perhaps the nervous breakdown is my own.  It is a difficult week, after all.  On Friday, I shall let my oldest and dearest kitty end her three-year battle with kidney failure.  This decision has consumed the better part of my waking thoughts for several weeks, and the self-doubt is agonizing.  However, I truly believe it is the wisest and kindest thing to do for my companion of 18 years, and honors her spirit and courage.  I do not want to wait until both have failed her entirely.  I will be writing more of her story at another time. 

For now, back to the bling…

This set was meant to be sold, and yet it currently adorns my neck this morning.  I’m just, um, testing it!  Yes, that’s it.  I need to know it can be worn safely and sparkle appropriately.  😉

The beads and crystals are nothing special, but the four spacers, chain and clasp are all a nice, shimmery sterling silver.


This slider bracelet was made for me by my dear friend Peggy.  Needless to say, it begged for a pair of earrings, fashioned by moi, in the same tanzanite Swarvoski crystal (along with hematite chips and a couple of little mulberry crystal beads..