Yes, I do love Legos.  I would love them even without the Danish connection.  (The toy originated in Denmark which is also home to the unique themepark, Legoland. )  One of my most favorite pastimes as a child was playing with my little Lego kit.  It built an adorable house of white walls and red roof, and boasted cheery red fencing, an evergreen tree for the front yard, and even a rooftop antenna for the television.  Yes, this was a while back.  Long after the plans (instructions) and some pieces were lost, I played with these blocks constructing my own little cottages.

As an older child, I was still attracted to Legos, but frustrated by the decreasing availability in the US of such domestic-style kits.  More and more, it seemed all Legos on the shelves were attached to a movie or TV show or some other style of toy, mostly geared to young boys.  I could buy a big bucket, but no cutesy little house stuff.

When I was in Copenhagen at age 14, I very nearly bought a huge box housing blocks and plans for multiple large homes.  However, it was early on in my vacation and quite a chunk of change.  I had it in my hands, and reluctantly put it back on the shelf.  (I came home with almost 40% of my spending money left, so serves me right.)  This summer, I went to the same toy store chain and marched straight to their generous Lego section.  Again, I found a lovely set just such as I remembered from years ago; again, it was a lot of money; again, I had it in my hands and replaced it reluctantly onto the shelf and walked out of the store.  It seemed ridiculous to spend so much money on a “toy”, particularly at my age.  Worse, it would’ve gone on a credit card, as this time, I was at the end of my trip and just about out of cash.

It was a dejected trip back home to our temporary apartment, as I began to regret my prudence.  While re-organizing my backpack though, I found several bills of Danish currency that hadn’t made it into my wallet.  It was just enough!  That settled it for me, and the next morning, I hopped onto a bus into the city, made me way back to the store shortly after their opening, grabbed my Legos, plunked down my cash, and waltzed out as delighted as any other kid with a long-coveted toy.  I mean, really; it had been 25 years that I waited LOL!

Carrying my whimsically-designed toystore bag, I decided ice cream would be the perfect capper to this mini-adventure.  But a girl can’t have everything; none of the little ice cream cafes along this sidewalk shopping area were open yet!  The bars all were; I could’ve grabbed a beer at 10:00 am but not an ice cream cone.  That didn’t appeal to me, so I climbed back onto a bus and smiled to myself for the whole 35 minute ride home.  The behemoth-sized box of Legos carried a place of honor carefully in my suitcase home while little things like clothes were dubiously checked into just a duffel bag.

One rainy day since I’ve been home, the kit came out.  It came with blocks and plans for three different adorable, and not all that small, houses and yards.  Here’s a brief synopsis of my construction project.  The picture of my finished version has disappeared, so I’m borrowing one from the Lego website.  😉  Mine looked exactly like this, I swear.