FOR TODAY … 15 September 2008

Outside My Window… Gray skies, and it doesn’t appear I am destined to ever see anything BUT gray skies!

I am thinking… I am really crabby.  I hope no one notices.

I am thankful for… my office where I can be left alone on crabby days.

From the kitchen…meatloaf; nice and cozy on this chilly day.

I am wearing…gray tunic with stitching and sequins, beige khakis, brown buckled shoes, and a necklace I made.  And a frown.

I am creating… well, almost finished with this phase of my Thimbleberries quilt.  Tomorrow should do it.

I am going… to find something to make for lunch here.

I am reading… The Village Diary by Miss Read, second in her Fairacre series.  Just delightful!

I am hoping…my grandpa remains stable after just being hospitalized for a bad fall.

I am hearing… two guys talking in the office next door, and traffic outside.

Around the house… must dust and vacuum.

One of my favorite things…a rainy day where I don’t have to go out much.  But five of them in a row WAS a bit much.  Sheesh!  Six inches of rain later…

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… I owe a few people some thank you cards; better get on that.

My Picture Thought …                      “Don’t mess with me today.”