Just a few shots from  my little vegetable garden.  The raised bed measures 14 x 4 feet; the herb bed off to the side is 4 x 4.  The ground needed a lot of leveling but hubby was up to the task.  Now we just have to get the grass growing around again.  😉

From left to right, two rows of peas, hot peppers (jalapeno and chili), esmeralda lettuce (yum!), a stray pepper plant who I didn’t have room for with the rest, brandywine (heirloom/organic) tomato plants, two rows of potatoes including one preemie popping up there,  radishes…

… back to the radishes, and finally on the end, carrots.

My brand new herb bed:

Thyme, rosemary, basil, lemon balm and oregano; the badly behaved spearmint gets its own pot.  The two mounds in back are zucchini plants.  Chives are in a pot on the porch for easy access on morning eggs.  😉

We’re already loving the lettuce, bit into our first radish last night, and can’t wait for our peas.  😀

All my seeds came from the Seed Savers Exchange, a wonderful resource for heirloom and organic goodies!