On Wednesday, June 23, my Grandma Elly passed away at the age of 92.  She was a huge part of my life; for many years, I lived within a five-minute bike ride of  her house, and as an adult, no further than half an hour away.  If I had a misdeed to confess, I went to Grandma who could break the news to my parents.  😉  After I grew up (technically), I still confided in her and she became one of my best friends.  I have been very, very blessed to have her so close for so long.

She had many gifts, but probably one of the most important was her sense of humor.  By way of example, the photo below is from a wedding we all attended a few years ago.  She and my parents had been spending the nastiest part of  Michigan winter comfortably in Florida, but flew in for the wedding weekend,  due to how close we are to this family.  My dad thought it was pretty cool that Grandma was hopping onto a plane to get to a big party, and asked her if she thought she’d ever be an 89-year-old jetsetter.  Her response in her lovely accent?  “I never thought I’d be 89, period!”  

What a gal.  😉