Okay, the exclamation point is theirs, not mine.  I am honestly not as excited about this as I thought I would be.  😦  Is it easy to use?  Absolutely. 

Light gray object is the cutting mat/pad, black thingie is the die.

Close-up of the included "value die", value as it includes multiple shapes

Details on value die, with a pattern for using just those shapes. This is fun and fast if making this particular quilt, but not terribly versatile otherwise IMO.

Place up to six layers of fabric (for this AQ model) upon the die. Generally, fabric should not be square to the die, or else the "sandwich" should be fed into the rollers at an angle. But in this case, the die's blades are already off-square, so I didn't bother. This is meant to prevent fabric stretching or shape distortion.

Place the cutting mat on top of the fabric and die, and head to the rollers. Starting cranking.

Keep cranking... (it's easy)

...and you're through!

Can almost see outlines of cutting

Peel away the waste fabric, revealing the cut shapes.*

More little cut shapes, as the next press had more layers of fabric.*

*So, why the footnote?  I was really not pleased with how uncleanly the cuts were made.  With only one layer of fabric, there was less compression through the rollers, and the single layer was not cut through.  Trying to remove the cuttings caused threads to snag and run, and there was a lot of trimming out to do.  With four fabrics at once, the bottom layer was clean, the second layer was 80% cut, and the third and fourth layers required an awful lot of scissor work to free the shapes.  So much for the massive time savings of cutting fabrics, was all I could think.  If I had paid the original MSRP of $350, I would be extremely upset.  Having paid $100 less than that, I am still quite disappointed.  It looks much better on YouTube, I thought.  😉 

Other thoughts… Perhaps using another layer, like of cardboard,  to really increase the pressure of fabric onto the blades will help.  Also, since to date I only have that free “value die” that came with the cutter, maybe the ones you actually buy are a bit more effective.  I have hope, and will continue to play.  If I can’t find some marked improvement, I fear this baby is Etsy-bound.