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Apologies for such a lull in posting, but hopefully this week will make up for it.  I had the opportunity to attend the Spring International Quilt Festival, usually held in the Midwest.  For a number of years, this event took place in Chicago, but to my delight, the show moved to Cincinnati this year (and for five years going forward, as I understand it.)  I always like the Cinci area a great deal anyway, and did NOT miss Chicago traffic, nor Chicago prices for everything from gas to parking. 

My accomodations were a bit out of town, but worth the drive to stay at such a cozy bed and breakfast.

Sweet Dreams


My reading sofa...


Where to soak a quilt show-weary set of tootsies

I had a few more smallish pieces to cut out for my class (Rose of Sharon), and this was the firmest surface I could find for a cutting station:


Sorry… sorry!  I know this is supposed to be a quilty post, but my room was a big part of my enjoying the whole show adventure.  😀  So, quick tease for actual quilt show pix… the vendor booths!

Tomorrow:  Um, actual pictures of quilts.  😀